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EP 008: Larry Jackson shooting/Fruitvale Station/Teacher gets 30 days for rape

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In this episode of Austin Legal I talk about a recent news article involving a Montana teacher that received 30 days for the rape of a 14yr old, who later committed suicide.  I also talk about some similarities between the recent Austin Larry Jackson shooting and the Oscar Grant shooting, the subject of a recent film “Fruitvale Station”.

Larry Jackson Shooting

Man shot and killed after struggle with officer

Austin Police: Police shooting victim Larry Jackson was attempting bank fraud

UPDATE: Ott Asks DOJ For Review of Police Tactics

Oscar Grant Shooting

Police shooting at Bart Station

Court video of Bart shooting

Oakland Transit Shooting Verdict: Involuntary Manslaughter

Teacher gets 30 days for rape

Montana teacher gets 30 days in rape of student, 14, who later kills herself

Judge apologizes for teen rape remarks, not sentence

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